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The Most Important Focus for Starting Your 7-Figure Coaching Business

Hi everyone!

My name is Severi and I'm one of the expert coaches at Smart Mentoring.

I have about 6 years of experience in marketing, copywriting, sales, and delivering premium services to customers.

I run my own business on the side - I help my clients sell coaching packages and services ranging from $500 to $25,000 without taking any sales calls, all through simple emails and chat convos.

I just had a quick chat with one of our clients that inspired me to write this blogpost...

Our most important and useful focus in the early stages of starting your 7-figure coaching business is NOT to create the perfect coaching package or make fancy PDF documents and websites.

Our most important focus is simply to book calls with the right people...

And through these calls, get FEEDBACK directly from the market...

And ultimately close sales.

This is your priority #1.

No matter how much we try to think up the perfect offer or program inside our heads...

...we can NEVER know if it will actually work UNTIL we take it to market and offer it to the target audience.

It's also important to keep our minds and ears open AFTER we present our offer to a potential buyer.

If the offer raises objections, hesitation, or uncertainty in the buyer, these are not necessarily bad things...

...but rather extremely useful for shaping the offer.

So don't identify too much with your own offer as it is now, but be open to the feedback you receive from your target audience.

And don't be afraid of hearing "no" from a prospect, but consciously move towards it!

The most important thing in the early stages is to gather feedback/data directly from the market through calls, rather than blindly trying to create the perfect premium offer from scratch.

Business is always a two-way relationship between you and the market.

You create a hypothesis (the best possible guess) about what your target audience might want to buy...

Then you bring the hypothesis to the target audience and offer it to people...

Then you keep your ears open and listen carefully to how the market reacts.

Sometimes the reaction is good and the offer sells right away.

Other times, the offer needs to be adjusted.

Both of these are completely OK.

They are part of the process.

I've noticed it's usually more useful in business to think like a scientist and just push our current (limiting) beliefs aside.

Let the real world give you data and base your beliefs on that:-)

And often the first hypothesis of the offer is just a rough draft that'll be shaped quite dramatically based on market feedback.

So don't get too stuck in your first draft, but try to take it to market as quickly as possible (by booking calls)...

...and then start shaping the offer based on the target audience's needs, desires, and problems.

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