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How to make more revenue in your online coaching business?

Let's get down to the bare basics...

What's required for you to make more revenue?

You need to sell something.

And in order to sell... need to give something to the buyer that they value more than the sum of money.

It's a transaction.

YOU give the client a solution to their problem and help them reach a specific outcome.

THEY give you money in return.

It's like physics.

Newton's third law is:

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Money, revenue and clients are all REACTIONS.

So what's the ACTION? What's the root cause?

It's making OFFERS.

So in order to increase the output (sales, money, revenue)...

You need to increase the input (making more offers).

You can even do an experiment and ask yourself:

"How many offers did I make today?"

If the number is zero?

No wonder the bank account isn't growing. You're not giving it an opportunity to do so!

This is an unbreakable law of the universe.


Start taking action to harness the power of this law. Don't live against it.

Talk to more people.

Make more offers.

Make BIGGER offers.

Give more.

Ask for more.

Get in front of more people.


Post content.

Show up.

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