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The Reason Why You're Not Making Real Progress in Your Online Coaching Business

If you're an online coach or consultant, you're likely familiar with the rollercoaster ride that is running a coaching business. Sometimes you're up, and sometimes you're down. But what if you could turn things around and reach for the stars? That's what I was able to do, and it all started with a shift in mindset.

At the start of 2022, my online coaching business was over $7,000 in debt. Things were not looking good. But fast forward to now, my premium online coaching business has generated over a million in sales. How did I turn things around?

It all started with reading Grant Cardone's The 10X Rule and meeting someone who told me that my business had the potential to grow above 7-figures. This sparked a realization: "Why the heck are my goals so small?"

I realized that I had been playing in the little leagues, and the problem is that so are the other 90% of entrepreneurs out there. I set bigger goals and changed my tactics. Instead of aiming to make $100K per year, I started aiming to make a million. I created a killer offer, multiplied my prices and started selling premium programs. This was really the key to my quick success in online coaching.

Next, I invested in people who shared my vision and hired a team around myself.

And it worked.

In less than 9 months my online coaching business hit 7-figures and our team grew to twelve.

It's proof that thinking big and taking bold actions can lead to big results.

This story is a reminder that so many people start businesses to gain freedom, but end up selling their time. If you're an entrepreneur, it's time to stop playing small. Think about what could happen if you set bigger goals and invested in people who share your vision.

It's time to reach for the stars.

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