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What do premium clients really want?

Here's the truth...

Premium clients don't want another 16-week program, dozens of hours of Full HD course content, or fancy PDF workbooks...

Usually, for premium clients...

Time is an INVESTMENT. Not a benefit.

Premium clients usually have more money than time.

Getting premium clients can be super simple if you shift the focus off from your "product" and "deliverables"...

...and focus more on what happens BEFORE the prospect ever hears about your program or its details and price.

In my experience...

Here's roughly what needs to happen to make getting premium clients easy:

1. Your prospect must have a problem/challenge that is painful.

2. They haven't been able to solve it by themselves. Nothing they've tried before hasn't worked. Or they don't like what they're currently doing.

3. They want to solve the problem NOW. They see what it is costing them to keep the problem -- or keep doing things the way they are right now.

4. They understand what the REAL PROBLEM is that is keeping them stuck. This is usually a false assumption (or unuseful belief).

5. When they understand and see this, they become open to your NEW PLAN.

6. You help them understand your new plan and how it works specifically in their situation.

7. They become motivated and want your help implementing the new plan.


Once you help the prospect with all these steps...

BOTH in your MARKETING and in your SALES CALLS...

It becomes easy and fun to enroll high-paying premium clients.

To summarize:

People are buying our help to get over their current challenge/problem.

And very often fixing that challenge/problem requires them to look at it from a different perspective (and cast their current unuseful assumption aside and look at it from a new frame).

For example:

Many entrepreneurs say that they want more clients.

But what's the outcome they truly want?

It's usually more income and influence.

If they could achieve that outcome WITHOUT new clients?

They probably would prefer that.

People don't want the "thing"...

They want the outcome.

Get it?

Hope this helps!

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