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Our Clients' Success Stories

12 premium clients in 12 weeks

Personal Branding Coach Joella started getting leads immediately after following our action plans and reached over 5-figures in sales in just a couple of months.

Her first $10,000 in under two weeks!

When Sugar Addiction Coach Hannamari simplified everything by following our strategy, she was able to work less and make 5-figures in sales by focusing on what brings results!

$10,000 in just a few weeks!

After a decade of planning and hesitating, Mona was able to take action and reach her first $10,000 month in just a few weeks.

Her first $10,000 in under 6 weeks!

Instagram Coach Anniina was able to create a scalable offer and reached her first $10k month in less than 6 weeks.

$10,000 in under a month!

Before joining our program, Sonja was sceptical about being able to reach big goals. But with the help of our coaches, she got the courage to aim high while helping others get with her expertise. In under 

 a month she reached $10,000!

"The most impactful decision I've made as an entrepreneur!"

Mirka learned how to appreciate her own knowledge and gained clarity with our proven strategies and action plans. She went form chaos to knowing exactly what to do to grow her company—and now has her own office!

$18,000 in 12 weeks!

Elina was able to make $8,000 with her expertise in her first 4 weeks by learning our strategies, and then went on to make another $10,000 during our program, totalling at $18,000! 

"I got results in only a few weeks after trying on my own for 8 years!"

Career coach Jaana finally found the tools and strategies she had been looking for and got the results she wanted—with the help of our clear actions steps.

$10,000 in under 6 weeks

Instagram Coach Anniina was able to create a scalable offer and reached her first $10k month in less than 6 weeks.

Achieving her goals - from impossible to possible

This is how wellness coach Sara was able to create a profitable and results-oriented coaching program with our help and personal support.

$17,000 in one week!

Mindfulness Coach Adama found her passion and learned to believe in herself, reaching just under $20K in sales in under a week while working part time!

$24,000 in 12 weeks!

This is how Hanna was able to start making a predictable income after years of being a coach with our Smart Scale Framework.

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