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Our Vivid Vision

The following is the vision of Smart Mentoring. By sharing our vision, we bring the future into the present, so everyone has clarity on what we’re building now. It’s a detailed overview of what Smart Mentoring will look like, act like, and feel like three years out—

by December 31st, 2026.

Sharing it with others helps it become reality!

Who We Help

Smart Mentoring is all about helping women (and others identifying with our message) entrepreneurs to scale their online service based businesses to 7 figures. We believe that when women hold serious financial power, the world becomes a much better place. With our powerful mentorship and premium online programs, we'll help our clients achieve their goals so that they never have to worry about money again.


We strive to empower and support mission-driven entrepreneurs who seek to create a positive impact in the world while attaining financial freedom and living their dream lifestyle.

We understand the importance of having a constantly growing and expanding business, even when our entrepreneur clients are not working on it around the clock. Therefore, our goal is to provide the necessary resources and expert guidance to help our clients achieve their business objectives while also maintaining their work-life balance. We strive to empower our clients to build remote teams of exceptional individuals that impact the lives of thousands and bring their vision to fruition.


Our preferred clients are professionals in the knowledge industry, such as health or business coaches, social media agency owners, and other online service-based entrepreneurs, who are committed to improving the wealth, health, and relationships of their customers.

What It Looks Like

Our team of experts host several weekly live training and Q&A calls for our active clients in different topics related to the process of growing and scaling your online service based business, personal development as an entrepreneur and leadership. These calls are done via Zoom and in between the calls our clients can interact with each other on our highly engaged private community on Skool. On Skool they can also find constantly improved pre-recorded material of processes, sales and marketing tips that can be easily implemented to their businesses. 

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Our higher level clients also receive personal 1:1 support via private Slack channel from a growth consultant dedicated to them while others will get Loom-video feedback from our consultants directly on Skool messages. Besides having an effective framework delivered to our clients, we also encourage them to support each other  through our community.

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Annual Event

Every year Smart Mentoring hosts an event that changes lives. Attendees can expect to be inspired and motivated by powerful speakers and workshops that will help them grow both professionally and personally.


This luxurious event has a retreat feel to it, and provides attendees with the tools they need to succeed. With so many influential people in one place, every year, we choose different locations around the globe – like Lisbon, Barcelona, Helsinki or Los Angeles – to give our clients an opportunity to learn and grow in a new environment. And we don't forget to have fun! In the evenings we celebrate and party together.

We have professional film and audio crews capturing the moments, training and atmosphere of the event.

Premium Content

Our team frequently shares actionable insights and tips to our clients in our private community. Besides the content we share for our paid clients, we give exceptional and valuable premium content for our online community of entrepreneurs.

We are the go-to place for entrepreneurs looking to scale their online service-based businesses and Marianne's authentic documentation of our growth serves as inspiration for entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential and achieve scalable success.

We cover topics such as:


Online sales and client acquisition: The art of selling without selling - A comprehensive guide to ethical and effective sales techniques


Team building: The ultimate guide to building a dream team that's unstoppable in achieving your business goals


Leadership: Leading with emotional intelligence - How to inspire and motivate your remote team to greatness

Growth and scaling: Unleashing the potential of your business - Strategies for scaling up and reaching new heights of success and making a bigger impact

Client interviews: Showcasing various entrepreneurial stories and giving our clients the platform to get more visibility through interviewing them


Money mindset: The mindset of abundance and opportunity-seeking, rather than scarcity and fear


And more…

Benefits of Working With Us

At the heart of our company's mission lies a steadfast commitment to delivering tangible results for our clients.

From the very beginning, we have remained unflinchingly focused on our clients' goals and objectives, relentlessly pursuing measurable outcomes that truly make a difference. Whether it's helping our clients secure 5-10 new premium clients within the next 12 weeks, or completely streamlining their sales process into a fully-automated machine, our ultimate aim is to drive them towards financial freedom by building 7-figure businesses that operate like clockwork and generate substantial profits.


Our clients don’t only get the benefit of achieving their number goals in business but also being a part of our amazing community of other like-minded entrepreneurs, keeping each other accountable, providing emotional support and learning from each other. Together, our

clients create a tribe that is committed to mutual success and growth.


At Smart Mentoring, we pride ourselves on our innovative and effective marketing strategies. By providing top-quality, free content on social media, we attract inbound leads from our target audience.


This approach has earned us significant recognition from media outlets and even resulted in our own show, which drives even more traffic to our brand. As Smart Mentoring CEO & founder Marianne is frequently getting opportunities to give speeches in industry events. Our world-class media and content team work together to create premium content that our target audience love. With a strong referral network in place, our satisfied clients frequently bring in new business through word-of-mouth, and we reward them with a referral bonus of 30%.


We also have an experienced marketing team in place utilizing outbound lead generation and paid advertising to fill our top-of-the-funnel. We carefully select our clients through an application process and interview with our sales team, whose calendars are constantly full with appointments with potential clients. We are committed to providing unmatched quality and service, and our marketing efforts reflect this dedication.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on moving quickly and with integrity. Our relentless pursuit of self-improvement drives us to communicate and develop our skills with every opportunity. 

We recognise that all of our customers are unique with different strengths and limitations and our team’s mission is to help our clients rid their limitations and develop into a versatile entrepreneur. Every aspect of our work is held to a high standard, with a commitment to finding new, more efficient ways to improve.


Our team is spread out across the globe. Our leadership team comes together in-person every quarter to reflect on our progress and plan for the future. We hold in-person meetings with the whole team every six months, fostering deeper connections with one another and helping to ensure we're all moving forward in alignment.

We prioritize transparency, honesty, and a healthy work environment that respects individual boundaries. Our team is equipped to give and receive feedback with an open mind, allowing for constructive growth.

Each of our departments has their own necessary daily or weekly meetings. All of us gather frequently together to focus on mindfulness, physical activity, and other bonding experiences. Together, we unite to create a work family that values growth, connection, and excellence.

Giving Back

We want to empower women in low income countries by increasing our efforts towards non-profit work - 10 % of our net profit goes towards this work.


We firmly believe in promoting women's rights to work, earn a living, and make decisions about their own lives. By creating opportunities for financial independence, we aim to create more equal and just societies.


Our mission is to provide women with the power to make choices in their own lives, and to ignite a sense of agency and determination within them to drive change.


We are convinced that the key to lasting change lies in the hands of the women we serve.

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